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AdiInviter Pro Documentation

Welcome to AdiInviter Pro documentation. Everything you need to know to install, configure and manage AdiInviter Pro on your website can be found here. Please take a tour and try our interactive live demos to see AdiInviter Pro in action.

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PHP API allows you to execute your custom PHP code when a particular event/action takes place in a standard execution flow of AdiInviter Pro. Each event is identified by its unique event_id which is used at the time of implementing an event listener function for that event.

Following is the list of PHP events available in AdiInviter Pro :

Event Id Description
before_sending_invitation Before sending email invitation to every single selected contact.
after_all_invitations_sent After invitations are sent to all selected contacts.
receiver_visited When invitation receiver visits your website.
invitation_accepted When invitation receiver successfully sign up or register on your website.
invitation_unsubscribed When invitation receiver ubsubscibes from the invitations.
system_turned_on When AdiInviter Pro system is turned ON.
system_turned_off When AdiInviter Pro system is turned OFF.

Can't find what you're looking for? Don't worry, the AdiInviter Pro team is here to help. Just drop us a line and our support staff will get back to you ASAP.