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AdiInviter Pro Documentation

Welcome to AdiInviter Pro documentation. Everything you need to know to install, configure and manage AdiInviter Pro on your website can be found here. Please take a tour and try our interactive live demos to see AdiInviter Pro in action.

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The AdiInviter Pro campaigns allows you to create specialized invitation systems for your website. This reference document contains detailed information about creating, managing and customizing campaigns for your website.

When To Use Campaigns

Campaigns allows you to send dynamic invitations on the fly. Every campaign has their own invitation templates which can be managed and customized separately. You can use campaigns to acheive following goals in your website :

  • Allow people to invite their contacts to specific page or contents in your website.
  • Redirect users to specific contents or page in your website after they sign up.
  • To create and manage multiple invitation templates separately.
  • To use different invitation templates for different parts of your website.
  • To extract specific number of words from your website pages and embed them under invitation messages on the fly.
  • To fetch dynamic contents from your database and insert them into invitation templates on the fly.

Reference Documents

Following documentation contains detailed information about AdiInviter Pro Campaigns :

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