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AdiInviter Pro For vBulletin

Live Demo

Check out our interactive live demos to see AdiInviter Pro in action.

Live Demo

Design Features

    Cross browser compatible.

    Full UTF-8 and RTL support (Multilingual).

    Automatically integrates with any vBulletin style.

    Automatically embeds into your website pages.

    Fully customizable templates.

    Free downloadable themes. Visit our Themes Directory.

    Ability to use vBulletin's template markup language inside AdiInviter Pro Theme CSS.

Contacts Importer Features

    Import contacts from GMail, Twitter, Outlook, Yahoo, Linkedin, AOL and lot more. See the list of Importer Services.

    Import contacts from CSV, TXT, LDIF and VCF file formats.

    Import manually entered contacts (Contacts List).

    OAuth 2.0 support for various contacts importer services. See Details.

    You can use OAuth applications with your website branding.

    Ability to manage and reorder contacts importer services under admin control panel.

    Checks for already registered users in your website from the imported contacts.

    Identify and display Mutual Friends from the imported contacts.

    Built-in support for reCAPTCHA 2.0.

    Developers api to choose language translation and theme on the fly.

Invite Sender Features

    Optional scheduled or cron based invitation email sending.

    Automatically generates and embeds referral registration links into the outgoing invitation emails.

    Option to allow registrations by invitations only.

    Automatic invitation reminders.

    Fully customizable invitation templates.

    Free downloadable invitation templates. Visit our Invitation Templates Directory.

    Automatically creates a Campaign for inviting contacts to vBulletin topics.

    You can build custom inviter systems using Campaigns for sharing events, blog posts, articles and lot more.

    Built in task to limit number of invitation emails sent in a specific time period.

    You can use your server's SMTP or any other 3rd party SMTP service for sending invitation emails.

    Easily create multilingual invitations.

    Ability to attach custom attach note to outgoing invitation emails.

    Ability to insert dynamic data into outgoing invitations on the fly.

    Ability to allow guest or not logged-in users to import and invite their contacts.

    Users can manage and track their sent invitations under invites history.

    Supports Multipart and Quoted Printable Encoding for outgoing invitation emails.

Integration Features

    Automatically integrates with vBulletin's native database.

    Automatically integrates with vBulletin's User system.

    Automatically integrates with vBulletin's Usergroups system.

    Automatically integrates with vBulletin's Friends system.

    Automatically integrates with vBulletin's User Profiles system.

    Automatically integrates with vBulletin's Avatar system.

    Ability to integrate Campaigns with your website database.

    You can allow users to find which of their contacts are already registered in your website.

    Ability to send mass friend requests to already registered contacts in your website from the imported contacts.

    Check for existing friend connections between your website users and imported contacts.

    Invite receivers automatically gets connected with invite senders after the registration.

    Ready-made integration for Gravatar.

    Powerful developers api for implementing various custom functionalities for your website.

Admin Panel Features

    Advanced analytics to track entire system usage with Joined and Unsubscribed demographics.

    Listing or ranking of top invitation sending users in your website.

    Manage, sort or re-order contacts importer services with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

    Easily customize invitations with lots of built-in markups.

    Create and manage invitation sending Campaigns for your website.

    Built-in language manager allows you to translate entire system into multiple languages rite under admin control panel.

    Download and manage multiple language packs. Visit our Language Packs Directory.

    Assign custom usage permissions to Usergroups in your website.

    Use built-in tasks manager to manage tasks like Scheduled Invitations Delivery and Automatic Invitation Reminders.

    Receive contacts importer libraries and product update notifications rite under Admin Panel..

Supported Versions of vBulletin

vBulletin v4.x

vBulletin v5.x


Installation document for vBulletin v4.x

Installation document for vBulletin v5.x

Looking For A Different Version of vBulletin?

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