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The Ultimate Contacts Importer And Tell-A-Friend System For Your Website

No monthly fees, no feature-gating, just a simple one-time payment with a free installation service

Branded Edition
No Installation Service
9 Months Library Updates
Branding Free Edition
Priority Installation Service
Unlimited Library Updates
Branding Free Edition
Standard Installation Service
18 Months Library Updates

The main secret behind massive growth of Facebook and Twitter is their find-invite friends component. Now with AdiInviter, we have equally powerful system in our website. Our users can globally find and invite their contacts with ease. There is no paid or free alternative to what AdiInviter provides!

Natalie Charlton

Senior Developer, Menlo Park

AdiInviter has proven to be an excellent plugin for us. It has provided us with an ability to reach out to more people than ever before. We are growing rapidly ever since we introduced AdiInviter to our users. It is more than just a contacts importer tool.. it's a resource that every website need.

Troy Kennedy

Social Media Strategist, San Francisco

One of the nicest things I would like to share about AdiInviter is the fact that their support is simply outstanding. They are really professional and very good at what they do. We are using AdiInviter in our website for more than 2 years now and we are more than satisfied with it.

Joshua Anderson

Developer, San Francisco

We have installed AdiInviter on many of our client's websites. We found it very easy to customize and modify. It is really a fantastic piece of software. Their support is the best we've ever worked with!! The software is very well designed and full of inspirations.

James Bradley

VP of Engineering, London UK

I'm using AdiInviter in my website since April 2013 and it has been working really great. The importer libraries are well optimized and always up to date. I recommend AdiInviter because of its amazing codes, great features and excellent support. Thank you for providing such an outstanding product!

Malcolm Crosby

Senior Developer, Southampton UK

We chose AdiInviter because of its great functionalities. The software works exactly like it is advertised on their website. Their support is very professional and helping. We recommend AdiInviter without any reservation.

Trevor Watkins

Senior Manager, Brisbane

I must say this is one of the best plugin I've got for my website. Ever since I got AdiInviter Pro in my website, I have seen a drastic change in my web traffic as well as website readability. The after sale support is really great. I would highly recommend AdiInviter to anyone.

Rob Griffin

Developer, New York

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need importer library updates?

Whenever a social network or email provider service change their user interface codes, we would usually need to update/re-develop that importer library and issue out an update. Old or non updated importer libraries may fail to import contacts over the time. That's why the importer library updates are very important and must be carried out regularly.

Is this a one time cost?

Yes. AdiInviter Pro is a one time cost. There are no monthly or yearly fees. However, to download importer library updates you will need an active update subscription. Major product releases are not covered under library update subscriptions.

Will it be hosted on my server?

Yes, it will be fully hosted on your server. AdiInviter Pro is not a remotely hosted or API based service. You will have full control over the behavior and scaling of the entire system.

What are the server requirements?

AdiInviter Pro is built to be installed and integrated with any kind of website or platform. All you need on your web server is PHP v5.2+ or v7.x and MySQL or MySQLi.

Can I re-brand OAuth login popups?

Yes, you can fully customize and represent your website branding under OAuth login popups. However, AOL OAuth application uses our API keys since their API is not publicly available. AdiInviter Pro widely uses OAuth authentication for Gmail, Twitter, Outlook, Yahoo, MailChimp, Eventbrite, Xing etc.

I have more questions.

Please refer to our FAQ for any additional questions you may have. If our FAQ doesn't help you, feel free to drop us a line. Or you can just say Hello! We're friendly.

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