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Frequently Asked Questions

Following is the collection of most frequently asked questions about AdiInviter Pro. Feel free to drop us a line if you have more questions.

What is AdiInviter Pro?

AdiInviter Pro is the most complete contacts importer and tell-a-friend system in the market. It allows your website visitors to invite their contacts from various web mail and social network websites.

Will it be hosted on my server?

Yes, it will be hosted on your server. Since AdiInviter Pro is not a remotely hosted API driven service, you can fully customize the product as well as scale it according to your requirements.

What are the main server requirements?

Following are the main server requirements for installing AdiInviter Pro :

  • PHP 5.2.0 or greater.
  • MySQL 4.1.2 or higher.
  • PHP extensions : curl, mysql, mysqli.
  • Ability to create ​Cron Jobs.
  • Pre-registered domain name.
  • 50 Megabytes of hard drive space.

Most hosting providers already have these facilities on their servers. If you are not sure about your hosting then please contact your hosting provider or server administrator to confirm above requirements.

What is the difference between branded and branding free editions?

Branded edition has Powered By AdiInviter Pro link at the bottom of every user interface which links back to our website. You are not allowed to remove this powered by link from anywhere. However, branding free edition does not have any powered by links in AdiInviter Pro user interfaces.

Why do I need importer library updates?

Whenever a social network or email provider service change their user interface codes, we would usually need to update/re-develop that contacts importer library and issue out an update. Old or non updated contacts importer libraries may fail to import contacts over the time. That's why the importer library updates are very important and must be carried out regularly.

Can I re-brand OAuth login pop-ups?

Yes, you can fully re-brand OAuth login popups with your website branding. AdiInviter Pro uses OAuth authentication for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, MailChimp, Eventbrite, Xing etc. However, AOL OAuth application uses our API keys since their API is not publicly available. Please refer to our OAuth branding documentation to learn how to create OAuth applications with your website branding.

Is your product fully customizable?

Yes, it is fully customizable. Since AdiInviter Pro will be hosted on your server, you can fully customize PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS codes according to your requirements.

Can I modify the source codes to meet my custom requirements?

Yes, you can modify the source codes. Since AdiInviter Pro will be hosted on your server, you can fully customize it according to your requirements.

My website platform is not listed in your ready-made Integrations Directory.

Standalone version of AdiInviter Pro can be installed and integrated with any kind of website or platform. The ready-made integrations listed in our Integrations Directory were built using standalone version only. It has all the functionalities and features you find in our ready-made integrations.

Does AdiInviter Pro requires a database to operate?

Yes, all the AdiInviter Pro builds including the standalone version requires a database to operate. However, It does not require a separate database to operate. We recommend you to use your existing website database for seamless integration.

Does AdiInviter Pro checks for already registered users in my website?

Yes. AdiInviter Pro can check for already registered contacts in your website from the imported contacts.

Can I install AdiInviter Pro if my website does not have user system, friends or followers system.

Yes, you can still install AdiInviter Pro on your website. Integrating AdiInviter Pro with your website's user system, friends or followers system is optional.

Can AdiInviter Pro be accessible to any not-logged in users in my website?

You can allow/disallow not-logged in users to import contacts in your website under the built-in Admin Panel of AdiInviter Pro.

I want to perform custom operations on imported contacts. Is it possible?

Yes. Please refer to developers api documentation if you want to process the imported contacts.

Does AdiInviter Pro comes in any other languages?

By default AdiInviter Pro comes with only English language pack installed. However, you can download ready-made language packs from our official Language Packs Directory. We do not provide any guarantee on the translation accuracy of the language packs listed in our language packs directory. We do not provide translation support for other languages.

Is the built-in admin panel mobile friendly?

No, the built-in admin Panel is not responsive. The admin panel is intended to be accessed from desktop devices.

Is there any ASP.NET version of AdiInviter Pro?

No, AdiInviter Pro is coded in PHP. We do not provide any ASP.NET version of it.

Do you provide free support?

Yes, the support is absolutely free.

I have an issue with your product, how do I receive support?

We strongly recommend you to refer our documentation first. If it doesn't help you to resolve your issue, then you can reach us through our contact us page. You can also drop us an email at support@adiinviter.com.

How long does it take to get a response from support?

Response times vary based on support volume but we do our best to respond to all support queries within several hours or the next business day. If there is a large volume of support (usually following the launch of new version), response may be delayed by 1-2 additional business days. Business days are Monday to Friday +5:30 GMT.

How long does it take for your team to install AdiInviter Pro on my website?

Response times vary based on support volume but we do our best to perform installation and integration within 1-3 business days. Business days are Monday to Friday +5:30 GMT.

What type of issues are covered in your support?

Our support team will assist you with general questions related to AdiInviter Pro software and technical errors encountered during the normal use of it. Please refer to our support policy for the more detailed information.

Do you offer phone support?

Sorry, but we do not provide support on phone. Our support is only offered through emails at this time.

Is it a one time cost or a monthly/yearly cost?

AdiInviter Pro is a one time cost. There are no monthly or yearly fees. However, an active library update subscription is required to download contacts importer library updates. Major product releases are not covered under library update subscriptions.

I want only specific contacts importer services. Can I get a discount?

No. By default, AdiInviter Pro comes with all addressbook, contacts file and manual contacts importer services. However, You can turn importer services on/off under AdiInviter Pro admin panel.

Will I receive product updates for free?

You can download contacts importer library updates for free as long as you have an active library update subscription. The major product releases are not available for free. While upgrading to Major Releases, customers with active library updates subscription as well as Unlimited license will receive flat 25% discount on an actual price of the product.

Will I get notified when new updates are available?

Yes. You can also view the latest update notifications right under AdiInviter Pro admin panel hosted on your website.

I love AdiInviter Pro! Where do I submit my testimonial?

To submit your testimonial, simply log into our Members Area and click on Submit Testimonial button at the bottom of that page.

Do you accept custom development works beside AdiInviter Pro?

Yes, we do accept custom development works. Drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for.

I suspect a website is using pirated copy of AdiInviter Pro. Where do I report?

If you suspect any website is using pirated or nulled copy of AdiInviter Pro, you can let us know through our Contact Us page. You don't have to reveal any personal information of yours to report us.